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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Great Foster Bake Off - Week 7 - Italian Week

I cannot tell you how excited I was for Italian Week! As soon as I heard what the theme would be I knew that we would have to make a pizza. It'a fun to make, there's skills to learn and it's fun for the kids to decorate and get stuck in too.

Logan didn't feel up to participating in the actual baking this week (although he enjoyed the eating!), but Rori loved getting stuck in with the sauce and the dough. I used my own recipe for the sauce which was simply a large can of sieved tomatoes, garlic, salt, olive oil, fresh basil and red wine vinegar. Rori helped to peel the garlic cloves and crush them, and also to pick the basil from our plant and rip it into small pieces. I love it when Rori joins in like this, she's really hands-on and loves to taste all of the ingredients. She attempted to eat a raw garlic clove and was munching on basil too.

Once the sauce was cooked, we made the dough. We used this recipe from BBC Good Food and it's really quick and easy to get together. The only change I made was to use plain flour in place of the strong bread flour, and I didn't think it made any difference at all. Rori is a great kneader and got really stuck in. The dough doesn't need a lot of kneading and if you're after a thin base like we were, there's no need to prove the dough either.

I doubled the dough recipe and yielded 3 large pizzas and one calzone.

We went for a yummy pineapple and veg topping, while the calzone for my Dad, was filled with veggies and chorizo.

We cooked the pizzas on a pizza stone in the oven. The oven was on it's highest setting and I let it heat up for a good half an hour before beginning to cook the pizzas, and the stone was heating in the oven at the same time too.

I brushed a little oil onto the stone to prevent any sticking, rolled the dough (which i had seperated into 4 equal balls) one ball at a time, lifting the flat circle of dough onto the pizza stone. I then cooked the base in the oven without any toppings for around 4 minutes, then added the sauce and toppings and cooked for a further 6 minutes.  I pre-cooked the base a little first as I wanted to ensure the base was cooked thoroughly in the middle before loading on the toppings. The result was a lovely thin and crispy pizza each time.

I wouldn't hesitate to make these pizzas again. Making your own dough from scratch really isnt much hassle and being able to add your perfect toppings is brilliant!


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