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Friday, 20 October 2017

My Dream Coat! Oslo by Tessuti

I feel like I've finally started kicking off my Autumn/Winter sewing. About time right, I mean it is the middle of October!

We have a trip back to the UK later this month and I am in need of a new winter coat. I decided it was about time I took on a sewing challenge and so sewing my dream coat seemed like it would be the perfect project.

When I happened to stumble across the Oslo Coat pattern by Tessuti, it was pretty much love at first site. I love the simple, tailored feel of the coat, and the gorgeous shawl collar is definitely a bit of me. I've been eyeing up coats exactly like these online and they are in the range of about £200-£300. Which, for a coat, isn't that much I suppose but not something I could justify right now. You can't guarantee the type of labour that's used in the production of fast fashion, and it was just not something I wanted to spend my money on when it would weigh on my conscience so heavily.

Fate stepped in when, just after I had started planning my dream coat, Fabworks had a weekend sale on their wool and I managed to bag 3m of my perfect fabric for £18! I bagged this French Navy Twill for the main fabric of my coat, and also bagged my lining too - this Sapphire Satin Twill. The navy twill is a medium/heavy fabric, and is perfect for the crombie style coat look that I wanted to go for. I chose this lining as I wanted something with a good handle, that wouldn't move around too much when sewing. I went for the sapphire rather than the ink blue as I wanted to have a little contrast in the colours, and for the lining to stand out in it's own right. I am really impressed by both fabrics and would definitely recommend them - especially the lining. I want to buy some of the lining in every colour to be honest - it was so easy to sew with, amazing quality and so cheap too! Only £3 a metre.

The pattern was simple to use and easy to follow. I've never made a fully lined coat before (let alone any type of coat!) and I came into this project with a note of hesitation. I didn't want to get my hopes up too much in case I messed it up! But, with a lot of patience and some help from the Tessuti blog when it came to the lining, hemming and bagging out the coat, the sew went without any hiccups, surprisingly! Bagging out the coat, and sewing the hem was the only time I really had to pause and figure things out. But now that I've done it once, I feel I could do it again without any hesitation.

I stuck the pattern together in one evening. I cut the fabric (main and lining) in another evening. The sew took place over 3 days. I estimate in total that it took roughly 10 hours from to start to finish (including constructing the pattern, ironing the interfacing, the main sewing and the button holes etc.), and for a project of this scale, I think that's a good amount of time to invest for an item of clothing that should last for many years to come. Slow fashion at it's finest.

So to tally up, the main fabric was £6 p/m and I purchased 3 metres. The lining was £3 a metre and I purchased 3m. That's only £27 on fabric! The pattern is 10 australian dollars which works out about £6. I bought good quality interfacing which was around £10, but I still have about half left so we'll call it £5. The buttons came from my stash.

Therefore the total cost for the coat looks like this:

- fabric - £27
- Pattern - £6
- Interfacing - £5

        Total cost: £38

Now, I'm pretty darn pleased with that! What do you think of my new coat? Have you got plans to sew any winter staples?



  1. This is such a cool coat, well done you! Thanks for the pointer to Fabworks, so much choice and good value fabrics, too. The pattern looks great but would involve too much grading for my body I think. I made a duffle coat (Grainline Cascade) and would like to make a cape (Seamwork Camden). I have some black velvet that I want to turn into a long sleeved t-shirt but no other winter sewing on the go.

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  4. Hi! Great job! I'm,making this coat now and I'm stuck on Step 20. Could you help? I can't find a tutorial on the Tessuti blog.


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