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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

The Low Down on the Woman Rising Collection

Our newest collection launched a week ago and I am BLOWN AWAY at the reception. Seriously, I am floored. The love and support that I've received has been incredible. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

So, I thought I'd give you a little peak into my brain (this could be dangerous) and tell you a little bit about the inspo for the Woman Rising collection and where it came from. Today also happens to be Halloween (or Samhain), and so it seems like a pretty fitting time to share.

Every collection I make has a feeling at it's core. A vibe. A connection to my life. Our last collection, in the summer, - Pretty Wildish - was about breaking free from the labels we get given as women and mothers, and getting in touch with our wild sides. It was about not giving a shit and living your life with no apologies.

Woman Rising is about knowing who you are, owning it, harnessing it and turning that power into something that's meaningful.

Ellinor Tanga Knix and Thomasina Wrap Top both by Lucky Sew and Sew

I know that Lucky has a witchy vibe. Especially with our amazing new branding that we had done this year (another post for another day). That's because I'm a witch. Some of you will get that straight away and others will laugh and/or run away. Witch doesn't mean what society and the patriarchy has told you for hundreds of years what it means. It doesn't mean that I am a sour, bitter old hag who harms people with spells. It doesn't mean that I'm Hermione and I run around with a wand. It also doesn't mean anything to a lot of people, and that's OK.

Bite Me Longline Bralette by Lucky Sew and Sew

What being a Witch to means to me is this: to know that you have the power and ability to make changes, within. That I am in control of my life. That I am a woman and I can create something from nothing. I can create the life I want.

Yes, I use herbs and the moon phases and cycles and crystals and seasons and other things to aid my (life) magic. Yes, I ask the universe questions and look for signs and prompts. Yes I read tarot cards and smoke weed to help expand my mind.

I'm OK with all of this.
I own it.
It's who I am at my very core.
I will not hide away.
I will not apologise.

To me, every woman is a witch. She just might not know it yet.

Woman Rising is about recognising and harnessing your power once you've discovered it. It's about living the life you want and knowing you have the power to be/have/do whatever the fuck you want in life. You can make magic, baby. That cauldron in your belly. Your womb space. Where seeds are planted and ideas begin to grow. Where the fire begins to bubble and morph into fiery passions that burst every cell in your body into flames. That's the real deal. That's the magic I'm talking about.

Bite Me Longline Bralette Handmade by Lucky Sew and Sew

All of this was in the forefront of my mind when designing and planning the Woman Rising collection. All the pieces in this collection make me feel powerful and strong. Lingerie to me, sets the tone of my day. Lingerie changes my mood and how I feel. It's a big deal to me. And I know it is to a lot of you too. Tell me how good you feel after walking around in a bland beige monstrosity of a bra for a couple of months, and then try and tell me lingerie isn't important. Self-love and self-acceptance is so fucking important, and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that all of that is easier when you are wearing a piece of lingerie that fits like a glove and makes you feel fucking fierce.

I haven't previously spoken openly about my spirituality, even though it's been a huge part of my life since I was a young teen. But I'm finally ready.

Ready to speak my truth.
Ready to set the fucking world on fire.
Ready to rise up.

The Agnes Set. Hand Crafted, Made to Measure Lingerie by Lucky Sew and Sew
Photo by Alex @ State of Love and Trust

Oh, and a little note to explain. I name every item in each new collection. Previously I've gone with names of flowers, crystals and goddesses. This time, each piece is named after a Witch who was accused, trialed or hung for witchraft in Essex (the county I was born in) in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Rise Sisters <3


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