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Monday, 12 November 2018

Woman Rising Collection Drop 2 - The Accessories

I am SUPER excited to have launched the second drop of our Woman Rising collection this past weekend. The second drop is 'the accessories'. I surprisingly managed to keep these a secret the whole time I'd been planning this collection, which is pretty incredible because there have been countless times that I've been desperate to share what I'd been working on.

I had initially planned for the entire collection to be released all at the same time, but as I'm learning more and more each day, things often don't go according to plan in business (or life for that matter!). The pins took a lot longer to be produced than I had anticipated, and the prints were also delayed by almost a month. I didn't want to hold off on releasing the lingerie and so I decided that I'd have to split the Woman Rising into two parts. That's OK though, they're all here in time for Christmas!

So let me show you what's new...


We have had backpacks previously as part of our Coven of Mothers collection and they were so popular. Unfortunately the style of backpack that we used then have been discontinued by the manufacturer *sob* and so I had to source some new ones. I wanted a backpack that would be comfortable, practical, big enough to fit everything you need inside, and obviously come in my favourite colour - mustard! The new style of backpacks for this season are a more traditional style, but with curved, padded and adjustable straps, a padded back panel, a front zippered pocket and enough space inside to fit your entire life inside (your laptop/gym clothes/nappies and wipes/adventure supplies etc). We've also introduced a new colour way this season - airforce blue. I LOVE it. I've actually kept a blue one for myself! The backpacks have been embroidered in-house with the magical Woman Rising design which I designed myself and makes me feel powerful AF.

Mustard Woman Rising Backpack and Airforce Blue Woman Rising Beanie hat by Lucky Sew and Sew

Airforce Blue Woman Rising Backpack and Mustard Woman Rising Beanie hat by Lucky Sew and Sew


A brand new product for this season are our new beanie hats. They come in both mustard and airforce blue which coordinate with the backpacks perfectly, and these are also embroidered in-house with a simplified version of the signature Woman Rising design. We have also released a limited run of red beanie hats, which is embroidered with the 'Full of Fire' design which matches the Emma set, and the new print and pin. Love a bitta red.

Mustard Woman Rising Beanie hat by Lucky Sew and Sew

Airforce Blue Woman Rising Beanie hat by Lucky Sew and Sew

Full of Fire Beanie Hat by Lucky Sew and Sew


When an idea for a collection is forming, I usually end up coming up with one or two main ideas that I work from. Woman Rising and Full of Fire are two themes that are featured throughout this collection. The Woman Rising print has the marble print on the background which is also the same print on the fabric on our Agnes and Ellinor bras in this collection. It's so beautiful! It has our main magical Woman Rising design printed over the marble background. The Full of Fire print is actually a line drawing of me! I think the Full of Fire print is really empowering and is my personal fave. They're printed on heavyweight recycled card and would make perfect Christmas gifts.

Woman Rising A5 Print by Lucky Sew and Sew

Full of Fire A5 print by Lucky Sew and Sew

Woman Rising and Full of Fire Prints by Lucky Sew and Sew


You know I love a good enamel pin. We've done quite a few pin designs over the last couple of years and they're always really popular. I am super in love with both of the pins from this collection. I think they could be my favourite pins that we've ever designed. 

Woman Rising Enamel Pin by Lucky Sew and Sew

Full of Fire pin by Lucky Sew and Sew
The full Woman Rising Collection is now available to shop online, visit our shop to take a peek! 

Woman Rising - The Accessories by Lucky Sew and Sew


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