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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Coven of Mothers Collection - Coming Soon!

It's been a little quiet here on the blog lately, but there's a good reason behind the silence...

We've been super busy working away on our first EVER clothing and accessories collection which is called 'Coven of Mothers'.

The new collection is going to be released on Friday which is the Rose Moon - 9th June at 8pm UK time.

I've wanted to do a clothing collection for a while and it actually came together pretty easily, which is encouraging! over a couple of weeks, I wrote down and sketched out some ideas in my design book. I then spent a day or two drawing up the designs and getting them digitized in photoshop, et voila!

I wanted to keep as much of the process in-house as possible. It's important to me to utilise the resources we have here and so I decided to embroider rather than out-source screen printing. Definitely not the easiest, quickest or less-stressful way of doing things, but I can say that all of this has been a labour of love!

Once the designs were down, products that I couldn't make myself ordered (pins, prints etc), and a cohesive idea was together, we needed to sort out a photoshoot. I called on the power of the internet and my online girl-gang Punky Moms, and managed to pull together a really amazing shoot. Alex Wilkinson of State of Love and Trust photography is a fellow Punky Mom, entrepreneur and designer  ( check out her music-led lifestyle brand Haus of Mono), and I've been dying to work with her forever. She agreed to take on the task of photographing the Coven of Mothers look book, and with the help of some more Punky Mom babes, we managed to pull together the most amazing shoot.

Myself and Mum flew to Leeds on the Friday afternoon, and spent the Saturday shootin' and hangin' with the coolest bunch of babes I could ever have the pleasure of being in the company of. Literally, I had a BLAST! I've spoken previously of my love/hate relationship with the internet and also my love for my online support-group Punky Moms, and I am so grateful to have my life full of so many strong, beautiful and powerful women.

So after basking in the babeness of these incredible women on Saturday, we flew home ridiculously early on Sunday morning and waited with bated breathe to get the proofs back from Alex...

I knew Alex was good but NOTHING could prepare me for the unbelievably amazing pictures Alex captured that day. I cannot thank her enough!

It's apt, really, that this collection has been made what it is by the incredible women who have played a part in it. Sisterhood. That's exactly the heart and core of the Coven of Mothers Collection. It's about supporting each other, understanding that each woman is strong and powerful as hell and that we all have the power of the divine within us. In our tummies and wombs that can grow a baby, that cycle with the moon. Our bodies that can produce a liquid that nourishes a new life. The energy to do all of these phenomenal things. We are magical, baby!

So, without further a-do and to save you from my waffling on, here's a few sneak peeks from the Look Book.


Friday, 21 April 2017

Mini's Swimwear

I've been a little AWOL lately, and it's because I've been working SO HARD! So this week I thought I'd show you some pictures of my newest collection to be released - Swimwear for your Mini-Me! We released our bikinis last year and they were received really well, and so I figured it was about time we offered up maximum summer twinning opportunities and made swimwear for kiddies too.

Our new range includes swimming costumes with ruffle cap sleeves and leg ruffles, a low scoop back joined with a bow, and also trunks in contrasting fabrics. Both come in ages newborn-12 years.

We went to the beach in Alicante last Friday and armed with my camera, I attempted to take a little photoshoot of Logan and Rori modelling the new swimwear. I'm actually pretty pleased with how the photos came out! You can view the Mini'sswimwear collection in my shop here: Lucky Sew and Sew

As well as the new Mini's Swimwear range, I've also been working away on a BIG new collection too, but it's still super top-secret at the moment.

Tomorrow is Rori's 2nd birthday and we have planned a little get-together. I've still got to finish sewing her dress and baking her cake. There's literally not enough hours in the day or days in the week.

So, without further-a-do, here's some snaps from our beach photoshoot!


Friday, 7 April 2017

Five Pictures From My Week

Ok Friday, you need to stop coming around here so quickly, I can't keep up!

It's been a bit of a crazy week, and my working schedule has been a little off. Therefore I'm a little unprepared for this week's Five on Friday, and so I thought I would cheat a little and just share five pictures from the past week.

It's actually been quite enjoyable to see the highlights of this week in snapshots!

1. We went on the weekend to pick up two new chooks to add to our current four. We picked up two cute little bantam girlies and named them Sansa and Khaleesi (can you tell we like GOT?!).

2. Logan drove the car. Not really, but he did pretend (the engine was off!) and he loved it.

3. I took part in a lovely pin swap with Maybe A Duck, and I received this awesome pin! I love the sentiment of it, fits right in with our new life!

4. I made a new best friend. We went to visit my Father-in-law and his wife and they have the cutest dog called 'Rambo'. Look at his face!

5. I made something new. I've taken a few deliveries of some beautiful fabrics this week to make into a few new products over the coming weeks and get them listed in the shop. This leaf-print is giving me life right now.

So, that's it for this week! I promise I'll be back on the ball next week...hopefully!


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

We Are Enough Co - Project Enough

In January I got to head back to the UK and be part of a goddamn awesome photoshoot with the amazing Lauren (of Dilan and Me fame) and Adam, photographer extraordinaire and Lauren's lovely bearded man-friend.

Together they joint forces to start up a new venture - We Are Enough Co. They've just launched Project Enough, in which they are going to be bringing you the words of some seriously cool an inspirational men and women and ask them about what inspires them, what keeps them going and what makes them feel like they are Enough.

I'm lucky enough to be their first interviewee, which I am incredibly humbled and grateful for. Lauren and Adam are the nicest, kindest people I have met in a LONG time.

The words in my interview also inspired their newest product. Would you just look at this?! T-shirt of dreams! I wore mine for Mother's Day and felt a million bucks.

Click here to read my interview over on the We Are Enough Co blog,and then make sure you go and check out their shop. Be prepared to wave your money goodbye!


Friday, 31 March 2017

Over-sized Linen Jumpsuit - Roberts Collection Pattern Hack

How is it Friday already?! The weeks seem to be slipping by quicker and quicker. The clocks jumping forward at the weekend has made this a very odd feeling week. The kids took a bit of time to adjust to the change too. One plus point about a cave house - there's no windows in the kids rooms so they can't pull the 'but it's still light outside' bit at bedtime.

If you read my last post, you'll know that last weekend I had a lovely girls weekend to celebrate Mother's Day with my wonderful Mum and Nan. As always, a few days before the event, I despairingly decided that I had nothing suitable to wear. I have a ridiculous amount of fabric stashed away, and fancied something new.

I've been eyeing up these ridiculously beautiful linen jumpsuits (and everything else too) from Stalf, on Instagram for a while now. I need to make the jump and buy one because I seriously love them so much. However, when I decided I needed something new on Thursday for Saturday, I realised that probably wasn't enough time to order from Stalf and have it in my possession. Darn it.

I remembered this beautiful Italian linen that I had in my stash, purchased on the Goldhawk Road in January. It's the most expensive fabric I'd ever purchased, but I fell in love with it and HAD to have it. It's got a bit of spandex in it and unusually the stretch runs lengthwise rather than widthwise. I hacked my brain thinking how I could get the over-sized jumpsuit look, quickly and easily.

As you all know, my favourite pattern is the Roberts Collection by Marilla Walker. I thought the trouser part of this pattern would work well - loose fit, rolled up hems and a drop crotch. I sized up to get a looser fit, and grabbed a simple dress from my wardrobe to rub the pattern off for the top half of the jumpsuit, turning the back neckline into a soft 'V' rather than a scoop.

I used an old duvet cover which I bought for a few pounds at a charity shop to rub the pattern off on to, and cut of to make a quick toile. I've NEVER made a toile in my life - I'm too impatient. But as I wanted to use my beloved Italian linen, I thought a toile would be worthwhile.

I'm glad I did because a few adjustments were needed - shortened sleeves and a shortened bodice. Other than that, it was perfect!

So on the Thursday night I made the pattern, cut and sewed the toile, adjusted the fit and cut out the jumpsuit from my good fabric. On Friday night I sewed it up et voila! My finished jumpsuit!

I seriously love this so much! Ok, it's not 100% perfect, it still needs a few adjustments, but this one is wearable and once I've made some changes I know I'm going to make a tonne more. Perfect for summer! I'm not much of a dress or skirt gal, so this literally is perfect for me (and I'm such a stash-addict that I've already got about 5 fabrics waiting to be used for a jumpsuit).  Next time I'll shorten the bodice just a tad more, a shave the sides in a little bit. I won't bother to face the neck and arm openings, and instead I think I'll just try a simple hand-rolled double-turned hem. It doesn't need the facings really and they were a bit of a pain to sew.

SO, for this weeks Five on Friday, here's 5 pictures of my new favourite Jumpsuit! If you get a chance, go and check out Stalf, not only are their pieces to die for, their ethos really resonates with me - Slow fashion, pieces to keep and treasure, and more environmentally friendly.


Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Mother's Day

I'm Sunday was Mother's Day. The day that Mum's are supposed to be celebrated and thanked for all of their hard work over the years. I'm not really a fan of these hallmark holidays to be honest. Plus, the kids are so small they don't really understand what's going on and why exactly I want to be fed grapes whilst laying down and fanned with a large feather whilst sipping a Mojito.

So, this year, I decided to do something a little different. My Nan also happens to live in Spain too, about 2 hours away, which is also coincidentally about 30 minutes from the sunny town of Javea,
 which is where I went to school. Javea has the best beach and a long promenade full with restaurants and bars. I had a little google, and found a lovely hotel and booked a room.

Myself, my Mum and my Nan went and had a girls day and hit the town. Three generations of us, celebrating Motherhood, sisterhood and family. It was so great spending some quality time together. We went for lunch with a few sangria's. We mooched around some shops. We went back to the hotel to get pampered ready for dinner and drunk wine and chatted about everything under the sun. We did our make-up and our hair and snacked on crisps.

We put on our glad-rags and headed out for dinner. We ate, and talked some more and laughed, and then we went to a bar and drunk cocktails until the wee hours. We eventually got a taxi to the hotel, got in our pyjamas and drank some more wine and chatted even more.The three of us didn't get to sleep until the early hours of the morning, and when we eventually woke up, we went for a lovely breakfast.

I honestly had the nicest time. What a lovely way to spend Mother's Day - with the two beautiful Mother figures in my life. I got to talk to my Nan about thing's we've never spoken about before and I got to ask her questions about her life and find out all of the things that I've always wondered about, but never had the opportunity to ask.

I'm lucky to have these strong women in my life. I hope I grow up to be as amazing as them one day.


Friday, 24 March 2017

Five Things I Never Thought Would Happen When Breastfeeding

Rori is going to be two next month. TWO!? Excuse me whilst I go and weep quietly in the corner. When they say that time flies, you never fully understand that until you have kids. They grow up in the blink of an eye. They grow taller, their hair grows longer, they say new words and string a sentence together, their faces change literally all in the space of a week.

Not only is my youngest baby turning two a cause for celebration in it's own right, but it will also mark two years of breastfeeding. I breastfed Logan for only 4 weeks, and I was too busy worrying and stressing about it, that I didn't get the chance to enjoy it and marvel in how miraculous it is.

Breastfeeding has been an interesting journey to say the least. There are things that NOONE tells you about breastfeeding. As an avid supporter of breastfeeding in general, especially in extended breastfeeding and normalising breastfeeding, here's a little list of five things I never thought would happen when breastfeeding.

You literally become Floozie in the Jacuzzi
Fellow Birmingham dwellers will know what I'm talking about. For those of you who haven't been lucky enough to visit Brum, Floozie in the Jacuzzi is a huge water fountain in the middle of the city centre by the museum. A big brass statue of a woman laid back in the water. Ok, so she doesn't have water squirting from her bosom, but you kinda get what I mean.
In those early days of breastfeeding, your let down is FIERCE. So fierce and powerful in fact that if your sweet babe should decide mid feed to unlatch and have a little look around, milk will squirt forth from your nipple with an incredulous force. Nobody in a 6 foot radius is safe. Milk will rain down on all innocent by-standers should they choose to be close by at that particular moment. Having to apologise for squirting somebody with your milk, is never fun and possibly the worst thing you'll ever
have to do.

You become a healer.
Literally, breast milk is MAGICAL! once you discover that the best medicine for your baby's nappy rash is breast milk, you'll literally start dousing everything in the stuff. I remember when Logan and Rori both got taken down with conjunctivitis and I had to try and squirt milk in their eyes. It was hilarious. Rori kept trying to catch the milk in her mouth.
Got a burn from a pan? Breast milk. Sunburn? Breast milk. Ear infection? Breast milk. You get the picture.

Your breasts become a hot topic of debate.
From strangers berating or applauding you to stuffy extended family members asking you, rather red-faced, to put your boob away and 'when are you gonna give that up?'. Literally everyone decides they have the right to have an opinion on what you do with your milk and your baby. It took me a while to gain the confidence to breastfeed Rori in public. I remember one of the first times really clearly. I sat at a table at a coffee bar in the middle of a busy shopping centre. Back then I would wear one of those covers in public, just incase I flashed a boob. I didn't have one that day much to my dismay, but I sat and fed her anyway. When I got up to leave, two elderly ladies who must have been about 70 and were sat a couple of tables away, stopped me to tell me how discreet I had been feeding my baby and that they thought I had done a wonderful job and had two beautiful children. Not gonna lie, I did a little ugly cry as I thanked them for saying something so kind to me.

You may need to be milked like a cow.
Imagine this: Your wedding anniversary is approaching. Your baby just turned 1. You arrange a romantic getaway complete with an overnight stay, and ask Nanny and Grandad to babysit. You imagine all the wonderful things you can do whilst childless for a whole day and night. Top of the list being a great  nights sleep, undisturbed. No routine. Peace and quite! You pack your breast pump and away you go.
Nothing's that easy though is it? Your boobies are magical things. Mine are so magical in fact that I think they must be psychic. So psychic are my breasts that they can tell the difference between a breast pump and a baby.
There we were on our romantic getaway and like a stubborn toddler, my boobs were not cooperating. My milk would not let down with the breast pump that I had so considerately packed for myself. I tried and tried and all that happened was a little hickey appeared on the end of my nipple, turning it a rather strange shade of purple. Not wanting it to ruin our weekend escape, We carried on with the things we had planned anyway. When we headed back to our room to get ready for dinner, my breasts resembled watermelons in both size and weight. Now they were too sore and full to even get the pump on them. Bugger. So I did what any desperate and engorged woman would do, I asked my husband to milk me.
We don't talk about that weekend much...

I never thought breastfeeding would change my life.
For me, breastfeeding has been life-changing in more ways than one. Not only am I amazed frequently at the magic of breast milk and breastfeeding, but I've managed to turn it into a business.  Finding all of the highstreet nursing bras I came across pretty boring, uncomfortable and uninspiring is what pushed me to design the first nursing bra for myself, and the rest is history. Now I've made hundreds of nursing bras and they've been sent all around the world. None of that would have happened if it wasn't for breastfeeding Rori. I've even had a picture of myself feeding Rori on a poster for a breastfeeding support group in Southend. That's pretty darn awesome.

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